We are proud to announce that Fast Flow Singapore has adopted the Tripartite Standards.

What is the Tripartite Standards?

The Tripartite Standards is an initiative that identifies and recognises employers who have implemented fair and progressive employment practices.

Building a Better Workplace for employees

Adopting the Tripartite Standards is part of Fast Flow’s commitment towards building a better workplace for its employees. They will continue to be treated fairly and with respect, and Fast Flow will do its best to support them to achieve their full potential.

Our Tripartite Standards

Unpaid Leave For Unexpected Care Needs (UCL)

We help our employees to manage unexpected situations with leave for caregiving needs.

Employment of Term Contract Employees

We offer term contract employees the same benefits (leave entitlements, notice period, and training) as our full-time employees.

Contracting with Self-Employed Persons (SEP)

We build strong relationships with freelancers and contractors (Self-employed Persons) by providing clear written contracts.

Recruitment Practices (RP)

We asses all job applicants fairly through merit-based and inclusive hiring practices.

Grievance Handling (GH)

We foster a more harmonious workplace with proper procedures to manage grievances.

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)

We help employees better manage work and personal needs by offering Flexible Work Arrangements.

Visit tafep.sg to learn more about the Tripartite Standards.