With most siphonic outlets on the market suitable for use in larger sized gutters (above 300mm), this restricted the use of siphonic drainage in smaller roof areas due to the small gutter sizes specified by the Architects and Engineers. In the past, these areas were either drained conventionally or a fabricated section (or sump) needed to be made in order to locate the outlet in the gutter. This obviously added extra costs to the project, affected the overall aesthetics and architectural effectiveness of the building, and left these fabricated sumps open to potential leakage and failure if not installed or fabricated correctly.

Fast Flow’s Piccolo™ range of outlets are specifically designed to be used in eaves gutter situations without the need to fabricate special sections or install an over-sized gutter. With the ability to be installed in as little as 200mm wide gutters and drain up to 12 l/s (Piccolo 50™) and 18 l/s (Piccolo 65™), the Piccolo™ outlet has been widely accepted as a preferred option for smaller roof areas or eaves gutter drained projects.