Our Brand

With the fast expansion of Fast Flow business in the region, a re-branding exercise was carried out in 2010 to bring the Fast Flow brand to new heights. The old Fast Flow logo which resembles a gush of water drained from an outlet was replaced with a green panache.

Previous and Current Logo

The literal translation of panache is a plume worn by one of the most famous of French kings and he used it to create a symbol of leadership. For Fast Flow, the panache symbolises our business expansion, leading the industry in what we do best- in style, courage and flamboyance. The green symbolises our achievement in creating green technology to enhance sustainability in buildings. “Being ‘green’ is a concept that we’ve applied to our work since the day we started, except then it was simply called technical and cost efficiency.” says Colin Thoms, CEO. “We are now bringing our green concept to the next level in the international stage after our solutions are recognised by professionals and governing bodies around the region.”

Fast Flow solutions forms part of the Green Mark Assessment Criteria and are recognised by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA).