psPipe™ & psFittings™ are component parts of a psPipe™ System, a pipe network system specifically developed for use in the drainage of rainwater using a Siphonic System or a Pressurised System.


psPipe™ & psFittings™ are modelled on the nominal dimensions and general performance requirements of JIS K 6741:2007 and JIS K 6739:2007 respectively:
• Vicat softening temperature – min 76 degrees Celsius – complies
• Flatness property – complies
• Tensile strength at yield – min 45MPa at 23 degrees Celsius – complies

The thicknesses of psPipe™ & psFittings™ are modified and enhanced to provide pressure ratings necessary for their intended application. See Pressure Rating.

Pressure Rating

psPipe™ System under Dynamic Flow can withstand:
• Positive (+ve) Pressure of 6.0 Bar
• Negative (-ve) Pressure of 0.9 Bar

psPipe™ & psSocket™ together and under Hydrostatic conditions can withstand:
• Positive (+ve) Pressure of 12 Bar

Other Key Features

psPipe™ & psFittings™ are made with materials which are ‘lead free’ in line with major global health initiatives.
psPipe™ & psFittings™ contain 2% content of Titanium Oxide (TiO2) pigment which provides protection from exposure to sunlight (uv radiation).


psPipe™ & psFittings™ have been tested and validated by TÜV SÜD PSB.


psPipe™ is supplied in standard length of 5.8m or can be supplied in other lengths to order.

Jointing System
Solvent cement joint