Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay


The Esplanade is among the most distinctive structures on the Singapore skyline. Formed by two elongated shells, dubbed by some as “The Durians” for their spiky exterior, the building posed numerous challenges for Fast Flow’s team of roof drainage specialists.


Tasked to design an effective roof drainage system that would have minimum interference with the Esplanade’s architectural elements, the team had to resolve various engineering issues, taking into account the tilting nature of the gutter design.


Simulation tests were conducted at Salford University to ensure that the most appropriate solution was adopted for the two sloping gutters that served the glazing cover over the 2000-seat theatre and the 1600-seat concert hall.

Other considerations, including the effects of hydraulic jump, turbulence surrounding the outlets’ locations and wave motion, were also effectively addressed by Fast Flow’s siphonic drainage system.