No Will, No Change, No Brand

In October 2009, Fast Flow’s board of directors and regional managers agreed that the time was right for change. Although Fast Flow has provided drainage systems for more than 20 million square meters of roof area throughout Asia, it has reached its limits. Without a true purpose, systematization and compliance, the company would never be able to scale itself to solve more and more drainage problems.

It is no longer acceptable to disregard the systems in place. Let’s get together and make this change possible.” – FFRGM 2009, Singapore

Moving Forward with ‘Panache’

Following months of full-scale research with the clients, partners and employees, Fast Flow redefined the true purpose of the company. It exists to “resolve tomorrow’s drainage challenge through art and science”.

A fresh logo developed by Consulus, a brand consultancy firm, breathed new life to the brand. The evolution of its logo depicts the company’s commitment to its purpose.

The Fast Flow logo font is italic to represent the fast motion of water and bold to show the strength of not only Fast Flow’s drainage systems but also the organisation. The green ‘panache’ reflects the creativity and dynamism of Fast Flow’s work. The panache was chosen because the shape can be formed into multiple iterations and because the word itself represents boldness and leadership. Its color affirms the company’s commitment to green innovation in drainage technology. The evolution of Fast Flow’s brand identity tells the story of how the company has gone beyond roof drainage, diversifying its products, systems and technology to solve tomorrow’s drainage problems.

However, the refreshing of its identity doesn’t stop at a new logo. It’s an ongoing process that includes organisational restructuring, mindset reconditioning, people development and operation systematization. These steps were designed to ensure that Fast Flow will be able to live out its purpose and deliver its promise to its clients.

The CEO and all regional managers came together to unveil Fast Flow’s new corporate identity on 10 November 2010 at Tangling Club, Singapore. They shared the new brand elements and core values, as well as the business reasons behind the re-branding.